Rave Rave Revolution

Rave Rave Revolution is a daring new leap for livestream party people. Skirting between ghosts of the King St Goa explosion c. 97’, abstract name-your-price braindance from a former Soviet state, Mark Fisher discussing mostly everything, radical left-memery, gratuitous white cuck monologues played over half-speed hard trance. A 2 hour comedy-lecture variety rave extravaganza. This is pre-school for the kick-on generation. 

 You think you’re woke? ‘Woke’ is a safe space for the easily distracted and defensive pop culture inbred. Woke is the Left curled up in a fetal ball scribbling think pieces about Broad City while its rights get trampled by ascendant fascism, domestically and globally. Nonsense club music might be the antidote. Rave Rave Revolution tries to figure it out. 


Rave Rave Revolution