Nomad Radio

Super Good Music

NOMAD055: Something or Other

Is it a bad idea to mix old Bowie tunes into Juke, Footwork, Jungle and Eastern European rap? Probably, but then again, you might like it. There’s also a competition on this podcast, so listen out and hit us up on the twitter if you know the answer and want to win a super awesomely crap-tastic star prize!

NOMAD048: Voodoo Electro

Redub / Herbal Sessions’ very own Watoo drops a cracking mix of, as the title says, Voodoo Electro. The whole set sounds beautifully fresh and retro at the same time, with lots of analog synth noises interspersed with heavy subs and futuristic sample cut-ups. Enjoy! …and catch him every other Tuesday live on DubTerrain Radio.

NOMAD047: Backness

After a long hiatus, Nomad Radio returns with a brand spanking new site and some brand spanking new tunes to go with it!

This mix fondles various down-with-the-kids genres such as Juke/Footwork, Post-grime, Dubstep, Funky and whatever the fuck else people are calling bass music now-a-days. Spanking! If you like it, please share the link on the interwebs wherever you can. We need to get back to the top of google where we rightly belong. Swish!