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NOMAD049: Venezuela

Simon P Scarlett brings us some great Venezuelan vibes that make perfect summer time listening. Don’t know about you, but I know fuck all about the Venezuelan music scene. This definitely makes a good starting point. Turns out there’s rather a lot of good tunes over there!


NOMAD044: Contrasts

An eclectic mix of contrasting sounds, from Noise Rock to surrealistic Folk and back again, via electronic gut wobblers and Frank Sidebottom. We’re on a new server now btw. It’s to make way for the increasingly large amount of MP3 here, so if you notice anything weird happening, please post in the comments. As always, enjoy!

NOMAD029: No Bagpipes

This is possibly the weirdest mix that’s ever been on Nomad. Somehow it manages to traverse genres as far apart as Pakistani folk music, Hiphop, Punk and Mashup Electronica, all with ease. It spins me out every time. Complete genius. Mixed and mashed by Milk Jaggit, Punk Christ and The Urban Beekeeper. Hit the jump for the tracklist.