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NOMAD060: Ultimate Bangers Vol.666

Ah, the 60th Nomad. In this episode, we have a selection of heavy bass stupidity stunningly crafted by Kane and Bernie. ….well, perhaps not stunningly as we actually had to do some mixing ourselves, with ears (oh, the humanity), but there’s good tunes aplenty all the same. So good in fact, that the picture opposite is what happens to your chairs when you listen to this. Yes, so good your ACTUAL FURNITURE starts skanking. Anyway, lock up your small pets and place ear protection on your children, for it is time for Ultimate Bangers Volume 666!

NOMAD048: Voodoo Electro

Redub / Herbal Sessions’ very own Watoo drops a cracking mix of, as the title says, Voodoo Electro. The whole set sounds beautifully fresh and retro at the same time, with lots of analog synth noises interspersed with heavy subs and futuristic sample cut-ups. Enjoy! …and catch him every other Tuesday live on DubTerrain Radio.

NOMAD047: Backness

After a long hiatus, Nomad Radio returns with a brand spanking new site and some brand spanking new tunes to go with it!

This mix fondles various down-with-the-kids genres such as Juke/Footwork, Post-grime, Dubstep, Funky and whatever the fuck else people are calling bass music now-a-days. Spanking! If you like it, please share the link on the interwebs wherever you can. We need to get back to the top of google where we rightly belong. Swish!

MOF014: Slave 1

The second installment of our April podcasts comes from MOF band guitarist David Slavin, aka SLAVE 1. Clocking in at just under an hour this mix takes in sounds as diverse as Sonic Youth, Flying Lotus and Frank Zappa as well as the Kings Tubby and Crimson. There is also a solo production from the man sandwiched in between a Prefuse 73 and a Ras G tune so listen carefully.