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NOMAD060: Ultimate Bangers Vol.666

Ah, the 60th Nomad. In this episode, we have a selection of heavy bass stupidity stunningly crafted by Kane and Bernie. ….well, perhaps not stunningly as we actually had to do some mixing ourselves, with ears (oh, the humanity), but there’s good tunes aplenty all the same. So good in fact, that the picture opposite is what happens to your chairs when you listen to this. Yes, so good your ACTUAL FURNITURE starts skanking. Anyway, lock up your small pets and place ear protection on your children, for it is time for Ultimate Bangers Volume 666!

NOMAD059: Funk, the final frontier

Bernie & Kane go back to back on this hour and a bit of old Funk & Soul corkers. Corkers? Surely there is a cooler word for it than that. Anyway, check the selection! There’s a good helping of cheese (as Funk requires) from the likes of Slave and Garry Criss, along with meaty goodness from funk masters like Curtis Mayfield and Atmosfear. The latter we mistakenly name-check as Manzel, but that’s a drop in the ocean compared to some of the other shit I come out with inbetween songs. I am so, so sorry. 😉

NOMAD055: Something or Other

Is it a bad idea to mix old Bowie tunes into Juke, Footwork, Jungle and Eastern European rap? Probably, but then again, you might like it. There’s also a competition on this podcast, so listen out and hit us up on the twitter if you know the answer and want to win a super awesomely crap-tastic star prize!

NOMAD051: Super Rudeboy Badman Hard Tunes

I’ve been into stupid jump-up D&B tracks for as many years as I care to remember, so thought it was about time I sorted out the best ones and did a bit of a mix.

Don’t get me wrong: I am aware this is not big and it’s not clever. I do appreciate the more thoughtfull and trendy Bass genres (see my Backness mix for instance). However. Sometimes it is necessary to rinse it out as hard as possible and that sometimes appears to be now. Enjoy!

NOMAD047: Backness

After a long hiatus, Nomad Radio returns with a brand spanking new site and some brand spanking new tunes to go with it!

This mix fondles various down-with-the-kids genres such as Juke/Footwork, Post-grime, Dubstep, Funky and whatever the fuck else people are calling bass music now-a-days. Spanking! If you like it, please share the link on the interwebs wherever you can. We need to get back to the top of google where we rightly belong. Swish!

NOMAD044: Contrasts

An eclectic mix of contrasting sounds, from Noise Rock to surrealistic Folk and back again, via electronic gut wobblers and Frank Sidebottom. We’re on a new server now btw. It’s to make way for the increasingly large amount of MP3 here, so if you notice anything weird happening, please post in the comments. As always, enjoy!

NOMAD042: Soundcloud Dubstep

There’s so many good dubstep tracks about on SoundCloud at the moment, I thought it was time to do a mix of them. You can too, as everything you’re about to hear is free to download! Can’t say fairer than that. Some of these have only been listened to by 30 or so people in the whole world at the time of writing. How underground is that?! Hit continue for the track list.

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